Maritime Breweries and Brewpubs

Nova Scotia 

2 Crows Brewing

Alexander Keith's Brewery

Bad Apple Brewhouse

Big Spruce Brewing

Black Fathom Brewing *

Boxing Rock Brewing

Breton Brewing

Brightwood Brewery

Chill Street Fresh Beer and Cider Market *

Downeast Beer Factory

FirkinStein Brewing

The Gahan House Brewery

Garrison Brewing

George's Island Brewing

Good Robot Brewing

Granite Brewery

Half Cocked Brewing *

Hell Bay Brewing

Heritage Brewing *

Lazy Bear Brewing

Lunn's Mill Beer Co.

Meander R
iver Farm and Brewery

Nine Locks Brewing

The Nook and Cranny

North Brewing

One Way Brewing *

Paddy's Pub

Propeller Brewing

Rare Bird Craft Beer

Rockbottom Brewpub

Roof Hound Brewing

Rudder's Brew Pub

Saltbox Brewing

Salty Dog Brewing *

Schoolhouse Brewery

Sea Level Brewing

Sober Island Brewing

Spindrift Brewing

Stillwell Brewing Company

Tatamagouche Brewing

Tidehouse Brewing

Townhouse Brewpub & Eatery

Trider's Craft Beer

Uncle Leo's Brewery

Unfiltered Brewing

Wayfarers' Ale

Prince Edward Island

Barnone Brewing

Copper Bottom Brewing *

The Gahan House Brewery

Moth Lane Brewing

Prince Edward Island Brewing   

Upstreet Craft Brewing

New Brunswick

AWOL Brewery *

Acadie-Broue Nanobrasserie

Bagtown Brewing Company

Beckwith Road Brewing

Big Axe Brewery, Bistro and B&B

Big Tide Brewing

Bogtrotter Craft Brewery

Bore City Brewing

Brasseux d'la Côte

Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault    

Celtic Knot Brewing

Distillerie Fils Du Roy

First City Brewery

Flying Boats Brewing

Foghorn Brewing

Graystone Brewing

Grimross Brewing

Half Cut Brewing

Hammond River Brewery

Johnny Jacks Brewery

Loyalist City Brewing

Mama's Pub

Maybee Brewing Company

Murchies Micro Brew

Off Grid Ales

Picaroons Traditional Ales

Pump House Brewery

Railcar Brewing

River Valley Micro

Savoie's Brewhouse

Shiretown Beer

Skully Von Beardos Miniscule Micro *

Think Brewing

Tide & Boar Brewing

Trail Way Brewing

Valonray Farmhouse Brewery *

(Breweries denoted in red and * are in development)


Annapolis Cider

Bulwark Traditional Craft Cider

Chain Yard Cider

Coastliner Craft Cider

No Boats On Sunday

Red Rover Brewing Company
Stutz Premium Craft Cider

Tideview Cider

York County Cider